Cottage Grove Safe Haven, Inc. is a non-profit that is funded solely by Fundraising Efforts and Donations.? We provide a safe and sober living environment for individuals who require transitional housing.? We provide support, guidance, and encouragement in maintaining sobriety.? We assist with employment searches and the acquisition of living skills.? We formulate individualized plans for each person we help.? Each story is unique, and so is our approach.

Cottage Grove Safe Haven, Inc. has a vision of an involved compassionate community.? Embracing all persons in need of a safe, sober-living choice, while turning their lives around and preventing relapse.

Cottage Grove Safe Haven, Inc. believes that at the core of most of society’s problems, lies personal experiences with cycles of addiction.? Stopping that cycle and learning new behaviors, changes lives, and generations.

All donations are tax-deductible.? Please consider Cottage Grove Safe Haven, Inc. when looking for a worthy cause to support.